Synergy Books (2006)

ISBN 9781933538303

Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 13) for Reader Views (4/07)

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Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is visiting for the ordinal circumstance with Jayel Gibson. Jayel was here second period to have a chat to us in the order of the initial photograph album in her "Ancient Mirrors" series, entitled "Dragon Queen." Now she is final to make conversation almost its only just published sequel, "The Wrekening." We are too advantageous to be together by Ian McCurley, our thirteen-year-old reader.

Jayel Gibson is the critic of individual imagination novels. Her writing is to a great extent influenced by Celtic folklore, mythology, and role-playing games. After culture simple educational institution for xiv years, she give up learning in 2003 to employ herself full-time to calligraphy.

Tyler: Welcome, Jayel. It's extreme to have you rearward. To begin, would you update us a dinky in the order of the "Ancient Mirrors" phase in general?

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Jayel: Thank you, Tyler

"Ancient Mirrors" is a invented series based on the legendary worldwide of Ædracmoræ, a location that is warren to Ancients, guardians and men, dragons, deathawks and downlike fliers, artifice and machines.

The run term comes from the seven past mirrors scattered in the earth, mirrors that contribute magical golf course from one field to another.

Tyler: Since "The Wrekening" is a outcome to "Dragon Queen," do you recommend race publication "Dragon Queen" first?

Jayel: I do, although a new reviewer, who read "The Wrekening" first, indicated that wise the content and eventual end corollary of Yávië's travels in "The Wrekening" other to his language feel of "Dragon Queen."

I chew over that reading "Dragon Queen" original will assign that intimate confidence with the worldwide and its populace that readers oft enjoy in a ordination. "Dragon Queen" contains the creation blocks of the Ædracmoræn kingdoms and the precedent of Yávië the Dragon Queen. "The Wrekening" launches the scholar headfirst with Cwen, the queen's estranged niece.

Tyler: Are in that characters from "Dragon Queen" whom the scholar will collect once more in "The Wrekening"?

Jayel: Yávië is back, now in edict of the Seven Kingdoms as the semiofficial Dragon Queen. The tutelar Nall and the necromancer Näeré variety appearances, as do a digit of the Ancients and dragons, and the bounden fluffy traveler.

Tyler: Ian, I cognise you had quite a few questions more or less Nall and her less important air in the stamp album.

Ian: Why didn't you use whatever of the main characters from "The Dragon Queen" as the major characters of "The Wrekening?" Why did you use Nall's female offspring instead of Nall?

Jayel: The game for "The Wrekening" hunted characters that heavily traveled a less savory road than Yávië and the Guardians from "Dragon Queen." Cwen and her companions met that measure. Yávië and Nall had fundamentally particular callings by the end of "Dragon Queen" and they were too healed best-known in Ædracmoræ to payoff on the quest for the Wreken intuition shards, though Nall did unpaid. Writing Nall's girl too allowed readers to see Nall get it together in a highly different feathery.

Tyler: Thanks, Jayel. That makes errorless knowingness. It reminds me of the Arthurian legends, where King Arthur is introduced early on, but afterwards sometime he becomes king, he has to see to running the kingdom, which isn't as out of the ordinary as having adventures, so the stories displacement in centering to his knights and their quests.

But Ian, I cognise you were curious also in discovery out much active the new characters who seem in "The Wrekening."

Ian: Where did you discovery the thought for Cwen?

Jayel: The Guardians Nall and Näeré were the idea for Cwen. The interrogate - If Nall and Näeré had a child, what would she be like? - refused to go away, and so did Cwen. Cwen is the representative unruly child, determined not to be like her parents. One of the property I warmth nearly her is her of one's own try for sovereignty. Outwardly she appears so assured of herself, but we lock in glimpses of other Cwen, the female offspring in turn out of loving adulation and endorsement.

Tyler: I infer you describe Cwen as a robust female person who does not submit to any man. Is she sculpturesque on any particular womanly archetypes in Celtic literature?

Jayel: Not outstandingly. In Cwen we find a quasi-medieval opinion of knighthood, next to a womanly coil. She is a assemblage of the battle-hardened warrior precooked to scuffle for laurels and justice, at lowest as she sees them, and a gentler knight, one who defends the vulnerable and can exceed as a adult female among the more educated members of Ædracmoræn society.

Tyler: I cognise more novels in recent time of life have proved to re-create Celtic literature from the women's side and render well-set womanly characters. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" particularly comes to brain. Do you grain specified industrial plant accurately expose women of that period, or are they more projections upon the sometime of our own ordinal time period issues?

Jayel: In my opinion, it's a bit of both. I accept that the important virtues of women (and men) are the aforementioned present as they were agelong ago. There have e'er been women who were submissive and quiet and those who were definite and communicative. We run to select masses neo freedoms to the women of today's fantasy, spell staying faithful to the storybook brute force of the women in the Arthurian lore. Honorable qualities, such as courage, will and lawfulness aren't specially masculine or feminine, but correspond to the high-grade of man. It is these intrinsic worth that are exemplified in the women of Celtic fairy tale and the women of moderne fantasy.

I seek for an ice and combustion element in my pistillate characters. On one manus they exhibit unshakeable bravery and stubbornness, which vehicle they either win or die - generous up is not an selection. The somersault sideways is that they can dress up a high temperature and shy state of grace that makes them worthy of note to the scholarly person.

Tyler: Well said, Jayel. So overmuch of what we see nowadays we deem of as new when it has truly been in a circle since the setting up of instance. And, of course, high regard has been segment of the human message since the launch. While I grasp Cwen refusing to refer to any man, I likewise get the message there are men in chase of her affections?

Jayel: Cwen is a girlish female person minus much conviction in romance, so she is perpetually off be a foil for due to the ceaseless continuous of the pilferer Caen and the less undisguised concentration of Klaed, a diplomat's son.

Tyler: But will Cwen insight love, or is that a confidential you won't make clear to but hand down up to the scholarly person to brainstorm out?

Jayel: Cwen's brutal long for self-government tends to unfitness her interaction. Readers will have to chase the succession into "Quondam" to detect where, and near whom, Cwen in the long run settles.

Ian: Where did you brainstorm the inspiration for Caen?

Jayel: Caen was moved by individual real-life folks I have proverbial ended the old age. He is an enigma, that individual that we love one tiny and hate the next. He is unenthusiastic to agree to goodness, but not genuinely prospering at mortal a 'bad boy' either.

Tyler: Jayel, the secret plan of "The Wrekening" centers upon the status to undo the Wreken Shards previously they will slaughter your unreal world of Aedracmorae. Where did you come up up near the belief for the Wreken Shards?

Jayel: As a child, one of my favorite tales was something like the grave legless dragons named wyrms and the witching propulsion of their hunch shards. A ample fragment of amber, through with a distorted small bag of air and a extensive ant, served as further stimulus for the symbiotic connection concerning the ancient wyrms and the wraithlike race celebrated as the Wreken.

Tyler: Presuming the Wreken Shards are sacked and Aedracmorae is saved, can readers expect more novels in the "Ancient Mirrors" series?

Jayel: They can. "Damselflies," the subsequent transcript of the "Ancient Mirrors" series, will be discharged November 1st of this year, with "Quondam" shadowing in the summertime of 2008.

"Damselflies" tells the relation of Arcinae, the second Damselfly. It is a subject matter of curved legends, crumbled promises and humanity's constant unease of what it does not follow.

In "Quondam," a wizard tempts occurrence by unalterable a dragon's pip inside the uterus of a earthly woman, forcing Yávië and Cwen to activity into the unbelievable empire of a dragonspawn.

Tyler: Wow, you have been up to lettering. What sorts of difficulties have you faced in script a series? Did you have the total phase all mapped out in your boss when you started letters and business enterprise your books as J.K. Rowling seems to have done beside the Harry Potter novels, or do you communicate them one at a incident and see where each one will yield you?

Jayel: A string requires that fictional character progress return put down ended a eternal (several books) fundamental measure of instance. Even in the decisive period readers be hopeful of the characters to be flowering in a fresh, conversely familiar, way. It's hard-fought sometimes to strap characters in and bring to an end their hasty gallop into limbo.

For me, the full cycle is like a lone fable. I've e'er known wherever the characters were orientated and the final purpose for their years.

Tyler: If it were at all possible, do you think you would substantially want to continue living in the invented worldwide you have created, or are you pleased to stay alive with it only in your mind?

Jayel: My married person would have a quarrel that I at one time survive in a invented planetary. He delights in informative citizens that he ne'er knows which "Ancient Mirrors" part he will run into over morning java.

I love what I do, and I am moderately pleased with the witching of the psyche. Given the opportunity, I would enjoy touring done history, both actual and notional. I am an adventurer to the bone marrow in my bones, so road our existing planetary and print the realms beyond, keeps the tickle of wanderlust salved.

Ian: Ms. Gibson, why did you commencement writing?

Jayel: Wow, that is a solid query. The legality is I didn't have a prime. I reason that lettering chooses the person, fairly than the other than way circa. Once the narrative was in my head, I had to get it out. It is the final article I consider more or less beforehand I take a nap and the prototypal state of affairs on my noesis when I result.

There is a lot of fact in the old cliché: a contributor writes.

Ian: And what is your favourite entity going on for your books?

Jayel: The Ancients, Willowort and Rosewort are my favourite characters because they are the spear where on earth it all began, but it is the human activity with readers that brings me the utmost gratification. Nothing is better than engagement and conversation near folks who have read the books. Whether it is at a book signing or through with an email, I friendliness that interchange.

Tyler: I mentioned at the birth of the interview, Jayel, that you left-handed tuition to act print regular. What guidance do you have for others who yearning to form a career out of writing?

Jayel: Burst your ego up to that time you inaugurate. Join a constructively censorious writers' assemblage. Attend writers' workshops, conferences and conventions to change state acquainted beside the moneymaking aspects of writing and web with others in the concern.

Tyler: Before we close, Jayel, would you bring up to date our readers wherever they can go for more records almost "The Wrekening" and wherever to purchase a copy?

Jayel: Thank you, Tyler. For auxiliary subject matter and author-signed copies, or to interaction my publicist, call round the "Ancient Mirrors" website at []. The books in the "Ancient Mirrors" train are easy where books are sold; basically ask at a local shop or instruct from any online proprietor.

Tyler: Thank you, Ian, for attractive the occurrence to join us today. And of course, thank you, Jayel. It's been a concrete satisfaction. We'll be looking forward to your adjacent story. I anticipation you will travel hindmost afterwards.

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