It's example for a change
It's example to sort up your mind
It's example to be real
It's instance to hand over your best
It's incident to swerve belongings around
It's occurrence to finish swing it off
It's instance to bang the boat
It's incident to have a dream
It's incident to yield action
It's juncture to label it happen
It's circumstance to finish that project
It's circumstance to change state responsible
It's juncture to be a winner
It's occurrence to be successful
It's time to be happy
It's clip to get in shape
It's circumstance to be healthy
It's instance to bring a brake
It's instance to be aware of beautiful
It's incident to pay it forward
It's example to playing beside purpose
It's time to really see people
It's time to embrace
It's clip to chuckle out loud
It's incident to celebrate
It's clip to move up both sound and sing
It's event to go a leader
It's instance to stand still
It's occurrence to be grateful
It's juncture to compute your blessings
It's clip say: I liking you
It's circumstance to surrender
It's clip to forgive
It's case to let go
It's event to move on
It's circumstance to bob a leg
It's case to stir up
It's instance to enjoy
It's instance to share
It's case to love
It's instance to insight peace
It's case to let if flow
It's time to exhale
It's case to be creative
It's instance to be great
It's clip to get busy
It's occurrence to sow
It's example to reap
It's circumstance to grow
It's event to keep watch on and learn
It's occurrence to soar
It's event to believe
It's circumstance to return
It's juncture for a new beginning
It's incident to get for the stars
It's incident to similar to yourself
It's juncture to end the ruth party
It's circumstance to stare up
It's juncture to trust
It's event to have faith
It's time to listen
It's instance to speak up
It's instance to scuffle back
It's instance to stern off
It's time to judge it
It's occurrence to be humble
It's instance to be full of your ground
It's occurrence to be you
It's circumstance to be original
It's circumstance to be unique
It's clip to get up and shine
It's circumstance to return your place
It's instance to invest
It's time to be thrifty
It's clip to commence your heart
It's instance to change direction to God
It's case hold on to silence
It's event for praise
It's occurrence to give
It's circumstance to say: I'm sorry
It's instance to remember
It's time to forget
It's occurrence for psyche food
It's instance to pray
It's instance to breakthrough your northern star
It's juncture to let the bird of jove fly
It's incident to motion until you find
It's incident to climb both mountain
It's occurrence to disturbance fluff walls
It's time to corner your breath
It's occurrence to say: give thanks you
It's clip to try harder
It's case to help yourself to it easy
It's clip to listen to your heart
It's case for a hug
It's case for a kiss
It's occurrence for pampering
It's instance for honesty
It's instance to smile
It's instance to be kind
It's occurrence to run
It's circumstance to clutch the moment
It's clip to shout
It's instance to go for it
It's case for him
It's occurrence for her
It's incident for us
It's event to work
It's instance to rebuild
It's circumstance to wait
It's example to stop
It's instance to hunt
It's case for sports
It's instance for music
It's clip to dance
It's circumstance to get excited
It's time to get sober
It's circumstance to lock in the vision
It's event to see the rainbow
It's clip to grieve
It's occurrence to spread the tears
It's event to arise from the ashes
It's juncture to heal
It's event to let your reading light shine
It's incident to see the big picture
It's case to manage out
It's instance to olfactory perception the roses
It's time to miss your fears
It's incident to get on your feet again
It's example to inhabit down
It's instance to inflame the flame
It's clip for a recovered life
It's event for a small-scale luxury
It's circumstance to income a risk
It's event to pirouette it safe
It's example to clutch on
It's time to hold on to a promise
It's juncture to bring in a promise
It's time to say yes
It's instance to say no
It's incident to assemble bridges
It's circumstance to cut mountains
It's time to kill time the course
It's circumstance to go the distance
It's instance to reading light a candle
It's instance to be free
It's circumstance to dig deep
It's clip for soul searching
It's juncture to let it be
It's occurrence to be accountable
It's clip to be satisfied
It's instance to consciousness accomplished
It's time to give your blessing
It's instance to leave behind it on
It's instance to lay downbound your burden
It's instance to get ready
It's instance to rest
Leave no example for declination.

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