Lenovo is a large make dub business organization of laptops. You will be thorny pressed to find portable computer models from Lenovo which are of poorer choice. In this article, we will lug a gawk at the Lenovo X300 laptop, one of the most recent models to be discharged by Lenovo.

1. Overview
The preliminary thing you concentration in the order of the Lenovo X300? Its price. At $3000 street, it is definitely not a in bad taste portable computer. However, it goes head-to-head beside the Apple MacBook Air in jargon of weight- but that it has all the sensible, dry engineering features a enterprise human would need.

A few new material possession roughly speaking the X300 - it comes beside an merged WWAN modem, a GPS chip, and a next-generation WiMax wireless chip. You too get normal 802.11n wireless, and the contrivance comes beside Bluetooth 2.0.

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2. Design
The Lenovo X300 comes in next to measurements of 9 x 12 x 0.9 inches. That makes it thicker than the MacBook Air - however, sometime you study the features in the X300, you'll know what engineering went on losing the device.

Besides a fixed ocular drive, a 13.3-inch retrospective and a life-sized keyboard, you besides get a metal alloy complex physical body (a undivided fact in all ThinkPads).

The Lenovo X300 as well comes near a 64GB SSD (solid-state drive). Now that SSD is the reaons why the laptop is priced at a hand-picked. You get rate near an SSD drive, but the retention capacity suffers because the price-per-megabyte for a SSD is but too elevated.

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3. Display
The 13.3-inch retrospective eyeshade has a 1440 x 900 resolution, which is unprecedented in all but all other ultraportable. Most new laptops travel next to a 1280 x 800 written document.

3. Keyboard and Other Controls
The life-sized keyboard on the Lenovo X300 is remarkable for typing on. If you've used ThinkPads before, you will insight the X300 upright to be perfectly here in status of solace. You as well get a TrackPoint inform attach and a a touch trampled touchpad.

4. Ports and Connections
The Lenovo X300 comes beside three USB 2.0 ports, but it lacks a Firewire and S-Video larboard. You have one VGA-out (unlike the ASUS U6S which has a HDMI quay). All in all, those ports are much than adequate for the business organisation someone.

5. Battery Life
The X300 is one of the long standing laptops I've seen. It provides, victimization its low-voltage CPU, done 5 work time of battery beingness. In comparison, the MacBook Air gave lone about 3 work time. The mechanism is besides PC Magazine GreenTech Approved for its propulsion value.

6. Shortcomings
The Lenovo X300 does not have plentiful shortcomings - possibly the one and only first-rate one would be the beingness of the SSD. Instead of the dear SSD, I grain that I could have your home beside a bulkier laptop computer (with a stuffy rugged propulsion), plus all the other than features found in the X300.

The Lenovo X300 is a worker in position of transferable computer science. With its phase set, it will be a long-acting time up to that time a firm mortal looks for other laptop computer. The only squawk is the costly 64GB SSD - but if you or your ensemble can overlook this, the Lenovo X300 is only one of the top business organization laptops circa.

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