Have you ever proven giving your dog minor butter? If you haven't, you may be stunned in recent times how untold your dog may possibly close to it! You can buy peanut food dog treats, but it is a lot more than fun, enjoyable and cut-price to sort them yourself! Don't worry, bon vivant culinary skills are not enforced for this recipe.


Peanut Butter

Whole cereal flour

All intention flour

Baking powder


  1. First you should heat up the stove to something like 180C
  2. Now mix the milk and the minor butter. Keep going until the combination has no lumps left-handed in it.
  3. Now mix the two types of foodstuff and baking pulverisation into the mix, without fashioning it too dry.
  4. Now the fun but disorderly bit. Knead the mixture, production in no doubt it isn't too dry. If it is, add both more than milk or even a miniature magnitude of marine.
  5. Once you've coiled the mix, cut it into whatsoever form you poorness and cook for 15 records.
  6. Let the treats make colder and then pass your dog a surprise!

The grave item something like these treats is that they can be hold on smoothly and for a comparatively yearlong magnitude of instance. Your dog will admiration you for all time after fashioning these treats! Once you have ready-made your premiere delivery you can research project near amounts to variety certain the drink isn't too dry or watery, although most dogs aren't that cross once it comes to material possession they approaching.

Once you've ready-made the treats, how can you use them to your advantage? Well dog breaking in is a unequivocally antithetic subject, but insignificant dairy product dog treats craft remarkable rewards. Once your dog follows a command, or even if it does something you same without anyone ordered, giving it a extravagance is a virtuoso way to buoy that ways.

I anticipation your dog enjoys the treats!

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