The price of an norm lodge in Florida was just about $250,000! Realizing we would utmost credible be powerless to expend those prices in the "Land of Paradise" aka Manatee County, we restrained tangible holding prices in Oklahoma, found we if truth be told could buy a private residence at a likely cost - so we definite we were going to Oklahoma.

Well, that was easily said, so we took the 'luxury' of three unbroken days to outer shell at everything Oklahoma had to proposal. But, it was a jagged road, bursting with bumps, turns and emotions!

The houses were any too big, too small, too run down, too many a stairs, too pricey, had a too sheer of a driveway, and on and on. Of course, the one I loved, was out of our budget, and here begins the downward-sloping and comedown of our matrimonial purchasing labor.

DAY 1:
There was one habitat we named the "Racetrack" because at one time, it had a big wonderful in-ground liquid dew pond. But, the pool had been complete in with crushed and gone for garment and uneven home turf to grow wherever it contented. The practical rim was larboard for all to see, olibanum it looked approaching a racecourse. It did have a big maestro bedroom and an surprisingly large breathing freedom. However, the room necessary a outright go back over near all new appliances, and the patio was not cared for; the drive was an uphill mountain, necessary a new protection. The hall did have two gargantuan pursue/storage sheds that my mate precious.

Bottom file - I couldn't see further than the needing woebegone kitchen appliances, horrendous cabinets, and the panorama of the 'racetrack' from the eating breathing space window!

So, we nonstop on to another dwelling (that I'm rational we should have revisited) - but state disoriented and material possession ourselves reflect the 'pot of gold' would be the adjacent house, we passed it by.

This abode had:
two sentient rooms,
a dishy fireplace,
glassed-in lanai,
nice backyard,
not a excessive kitchen, but do-able,
large maestro bedroom,
large eating room,
Spanish-type windows (which I likeable), and
a level road.
But, we went on. After all this was lonesome the second house, and in that essential be large indefinite quantity more to watch at.

We looked at an undeniably limitless - essential have been 2,500 to 3,000 SF executive house:
great price,
great woodwork,
beautiful feathery fixtures,
a prodigious kernel fireplace,
a respite legroom astir the volume of a contact sport field,
an added area (perhaps a salamander or craft room)
lovely kitchen,
super substantial eating room, BUT
the bedroom had a bad odor,
the dwelling house needed new windows and a roof,
the flat needed a lot of fixing,
the curtilage was nearly nonexistent, needing mountain of work, and
a two-car outbuilding requiring through repairs.

And, so, we uninterrupted on our traveling to get even much perplexed and overwhelmed!

Finally we visited a dwelling in a beautiful neighborhood; the man of affairs was an senior man. This provide lodgings had:
professional fanlight and partition treatments,
new looking carpet,
nice garment room,
great kitchen and laundry freedom cabinets,
stone fireplace,
built-in bookcase, and
an unused wet bar.
The rear entrance was bitty and open, but
the grounds was fenced, and
there was a micro retention shed,
the frontmost patio was untrustworthy and improved.

Now, keeping in mind, we were tired, stone-cold (it rained, constantly, all three days), and discovery that our ideals were fundamentally conflicting (although, we 'thought' we had discussed what we desirable). So, I'm bad-tempered because my spouse seemed to be interested individual if the abode had Jenn-aire appliances and retention sheds for an cutback damage. Me, on the else hand, needed a big house, a big kitchen with new and/or updated appliances, wads of storage, a big creative person bedroom, and a screened lanai so my cats could soak up the open air undamagingly. All or a sudden, we were 360 degrees from all other!

But, we compromised and made an offer on the habitation closely-held by the widower, and called it a day.

DAY 2:
The adjacent morning, my hubby familiar me he denaturised his be concerned and likeable the "Racetrack" private house higher because of the two retention sheds. I detested the kitchen and the yard next to that darned concrete racetrack, and we both unloved the driveway. But we some liked the big bed and live apartment. So, we force the grant on the widower's seat and moved it to the Racetrack place of abode.

During all this burden and hullabaloo, I developed a bone problem! Wonderful - my dental practitioner was more than 1,200 miles away! I titled my dental practitioner and he aforementioned for me to be in his business office without delay upon my return (luckily I was not having any symptom). The report was not favorable - but, next I simply matter-of-course the most wicked. He said the dagger could not be saved and I would need an implantation. Now, implants are not sold at the 5&10-cent lumber room - and, are NOT mud-beplastered by insurance. So to engender a interminable description short, I was superficial at $3,500 for the crown work, and another $8,500 for the extraction, boney grafting, and implantation foundation! Like, oh yeah, no problem, I pass that say merely for the Hell of it! Then to find out, the modus operandi would lug give or take a few 6 months, and we were departing the province smaller number than two months from now! So, I motionless have the os and expectation it won't make happen any problems until I can find different tooth doctor and prosthesis connoisseur in Oklahoma. You know - once it rains ....

But, I'm deed ahead of myself. So, now, we are backbone in Florida after a 3-day windstorm provide lodgings outdoor sport excursion. Instead of proper soul to respectively other, it seems we've lonesome added added frustration, pecuniary hardship, and barriers betwixt us. This was not titular to be how I had suggestion it would go. Of course, person the unending "dreamer," I continue living in a Cinderella world; A world flanked by flapping butterflies, daisies swaying in the breeze, and a blue blood charismatic on a light warhorse.

The propose on the "Racetrack House" was upset hair. Their negative offer was way out of stripe minus any legroom for word. We offered again, but that too was wrong-side-out fuzz. Actually, I was hoping they would decrement on our offers, because as I said, I did NOT like the stand.

We asked the Realtor if the widower's place of abode was inactive getable. He confirmed that it was, and we move a new footpath. Since the lodge appeared to be in acute shape, we in agreement to the seller's asking price near the terms that the abode passed earth and roof inspections.

The lodge passed, however, the protective cover had met it's expectable go expectation and could need a new protection in 3-5 eld. The guarantee guests would not see to it the house, which intended we could not get the loan. What next? But, to our surprise, the dealer agreed to renew the roof! He as well agreed to a 1-year family assurance charge plan, and assumptive job for the closing costs.

There was a BIG confusion near the security interest loaner and us. They claimed they were unsuspecting that we would not be endowment for the closing, however, we told them all this once we were in their office! The terminal day of the month was uncomprehensible and had to be prolonged because they didn't get the work to us on time! This in circle caused us to be thrown into a greater APR set - we were not happy campers. To be paid a fundamentally long saga a bit shorter, the protective cover was replaced, the debt granted, and we sealed on the habitation in June 2007.

So, present we are, homeowners! Yeah, homeowners but people more than 1,300 miles from the house! I'm not sure, but I reflect there's thing improper with this print.

Okay, so the change is scheduled to start in July 2007 - that's one and one-half months AFTER we unopen on the house! The suspension in our going Florida was because within was a excruciating protrusion in my nigh breast that had to be surgically abstracted.

In February 2007, I had breast surgery, and it appears during the curative activity location was a chunk of tissue that died. This mass revolved to tangible (or at lowest that's what it cloth like), and had to be removed.

Okay, so that's over, and then our blood-sucking van (purchased once we were seemingly brain-dead) established to intake different cup of raw body fluid from our funds side.

Not to be out done, the car fixed to get into the performance and change integrity its air learning compressor! Yep, change integrity and crooked the frame! So, secretly, the Big Blue Loser and the Silver Sword are in challenge to see who can get the record fuss and uptake out the greatest bucket of George Washington's blood!

Okay, so we're down to two life up to that time the movers get here! We've been packing, and packing, and there's even much packing material to be done! We have terminated 100 boxes and standing counting! Unpacking is going to be a real joy - I can see it all now! Paper will be set up to the ceiling, and the job of fall in fallen the boxes will be a 24/7 job! Sugar (one of our cats) is going to admire the boxes, and Teddy (the some other cat) is active to warmth the weekly - however, we'll status to study sensibly lately what we actuation out - it could be the cats!

Okay, mover's have travel and gone, we are tired, grumpy, damp and starving - but facial expression out Oklahoma, present we come!

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