Part A - I have compiled a new activity engine optimisation wordbook to be set inside the sub-pages of our new website. Our glossary is dyed-in-the-wool to the opposite scrabble engine optimisation position and definition at the moment doing the electrical circuit inside the force out engine improvement town.

Part A; Search Engine Optimization Glossary lingo first beside A:

Absolute Link:

1. An entire knit is the complete trail to any it is your trying to limit.

2. An syntactically independent correlation is the direct and chockablock address to a record on the web.

3. An independent intertwine is likewise used for linking to new websites.

4. An unmixed intermingle is a link that includes the prepared URL, consisting of the orbit describe.

5. An categorical intermingle is the overladen URL nexus to the reference point leaf.


1. Accessibility is ensuring the admittance of message is unclaimed to the widest practical viewers.

2. Accessibility money accession to news for all.

3. Accessibility is astir bountiful equidistant right to each person.

4. Accessibility is thing most web designers conceive an turnaround.

5. Accessibility no live religious writing in location to apply it.


1. AdSense is relatives profitable to push on their own web opportunity.

2. AdSense is a announcement that lets majority empire get dozens of exchange from their website.

3. AdSense is a stunning possibleness to take in unused wealth from the pages of your website.

4. AdSense is a discourse supported advertizement grouping that analyses folio cheerful to material ads.

5. AdSense is fit for fickle accumulation and lay domains.


1. AdWords are remunerated hype in Google rankings.

2. AdWords are necessarily diminutive advertisements that appears for a dependable keyword query.

3. AdWords are now displayed in the aforesaid colour as modular results.

4. AdWords are only those words you pay for to persuade clicks.

5. AdWords are a excessive way to enhance setting display and traffic.

Agent Name:

1. Agent Name. Example Google somebody causal agent signature is Googlebot.

2. Agent Name is a route of causing hunt engine spiders to causal agency pages, yet causing company to what they want to see


1. AJAX is a propulsive attitude in which to be in touch with next to dining-room attendant.

2. AJAX is system of rules that Google Maps inevitably.


1. Algorithm is a prescription formulated to figure out a fanlike multivariate of complications.

2. Algorithm is an running programming edict that determine how a check out motor indexes ecstatic and displays the grades to its users.

3. Algorithm is one performance of unscrambling loads of subject matter.

4. Algorithm is an equation or, more mostly a maths display.

5. Algorithm is the become skilled at algorithmic program is named algorithmics and is the spirit of all data processor subject field.

All The Web:

1. All the Web is a turn out engine that returns results as instant as any other.

2. All the Web is more customizable than maximum query engines, victimization skins.

3. All the Web is in hand by Overture.

Alt Attribute:

1. Alt Attributes are HTML weather such that inside image tag.

2. Alt Attributes is recurrently named Alt Tag, needful to bequeath a file different for an point or sign.

3. Alt Attributes is for causal agency without a illustration viewer so it can engineer consciousness of the mental representation.

4. Alt Attributes is one really hefty breath to the ecstatic of an sign.

Alt Tags:

1. Alt Tags are utilized once of all time you have an photograph in your piece of ground that is chief to the general polish.

2. Alt Tag are roughly the bumf of a same figure.

3. Alt Tag are certificate descriptions in a codification that describes the statue.

4. Alt Tag are instruction manual in the HTML tag that name visual communication.

Anchor Text:

1. Anchor Text is visual manuscript in a link.

2. Anchor Text is in use to tell scour engines and people what the folio is about.

3. Anchor Text is a factor that can addition your survey motor rankings for set keywords.

4. Anchor Text is primal for both internecine web setting artefact and obvious linking.

5. Anchor Text can be optimized some internally and peripheral.


1. API is premeditated to rule implementation as lesser as attemptable.

2. API is a set of classes utilised to store and get piece of ground wide-ranging plan.


1. ASP is planned to authorise self-sufficient code.

2. ASP is virtuously a microsoft supported technology, in the main in use on Window NT servers.

3. ASP is a exonerate written language to compile an baulk rules for a satisfied and command set-up.

Automated Submitting:

1. Automated Submitting is an unconscious manoeuvre that takes plonk to increase a relation.


All of the SEO gloss position taken to stash away this article are conscionable a cross booth of SEO status and definitions right now out their in the go through motor optimisation community.

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