El Paraiso Golf on the Costa del Sol Golf is an welcoming golf education which is person unremittingly developed.

Designed by Gary Player in 1974 it was in the beginning in hand by Wimpey Homes and purchased by the members in 1996 and they propagate to better the plan and show.

The El Paraiso Golf edifice has a idyllic Andalucian knowingness and a intense character is placed correct in the intermediary of the outdoor game course of instruction involving what utilized to be the new of the par iv 3rd and the tee of the par three 17th hole, and affords a beautiful orientation of the full trajectory.

In general, one could say that the El Paraiso Golf path is, in every ways, misleading, because the donations of its fairways makes it seem to be easy, but the information deposit that, on any side, tall obstacles perpetually appear, near roughs that in many cases veil lakes and streams that, while enhancing the crude visual aspect of the course, constitute a valid peril.

The make-up of the El Paraiso's situation tiered seats out on its own on a discoloration that holds par cardinal 13th and par iii 14th holes, beside a mere smash in the middle, and fat general circa it.

El Paraiso Golf is one of the utmost attractive golf game course's on the Costa del Sol near it's winding streams running into lakes and bigger palms, all set opposed to the pretty-pretty pike rearmost drop

If you musical performance outdoor game on the Costa del Sol this module is a essential.

For much info active El Paraiso Golf Holidays and Scorecard, Course Plan, Directions and Map call round

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