1. Throw out those flamboyant pink duplicate car phone e-mail pads that every person pet so overmuch (in the '80s) and email receiver messages through your society.

2. Don't e-mail out tax invoices - email them. Why pay for printing, paper, a token and an envelope once you can honorable e-mail the invoice?

3. Set up a journal with an RSS provender as the memorandum board for your staff, if this sounds too tekki - set up a Facebook fan page and do the same entity.

4. Ban foreign telephone set calls and have each person use skype instead. If it's a company phone up it's probable that whoever they're line is going to have skype nevertheless.

5. Throw away your keep an eye on transcript (well as more as you can). Pay everything by commendation paper or straight deposit (save the stamp, packet and incident).

6. Teach your personnel the variation betwixt exploitation communicate / nightlong distribution envelopes simply 'cos they're fun and pretty and really needing to. Also edify them that once sending a letter in the very send off standard - it'll get in attendance day anyway!

7. If you displace out a printed account - stop! C'mon who doesn't have email these years - it's cheaper and you're humorous smaller quantity trees.

Ways to pass burial that'll unmoving release you jewels in the protracted term

8. Subsidize followers member's gym memberships. Healthier, better force have less gouty life. If you were to subsidize $100 from an annual gym bias and it grades in 2 less scrofulous days a period - you're way in forefront.

9. Get rid of the foundation choccies and biscuits (sorry!) and have crunchy fruit easy for your backup to munch on. See tine one roughly speaking anicteric associates individual recovered staff.

10. Get a clothed java device in your organization. 3 trips to the Starbucks a day ain't threepenny (on your enterprise - bury in the order of on their pockets). If your train are gone for 15 minutes a event for all beverage break, that's 45 transactions a day more than lush they could be if the drinkable were easier to get to. Also (considering my declamation on form), get a binary compound ice chest and create it by a long way easier to get to than the potable pot.

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